Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mecrisp Stellaris on Maple Mini clone

Blimey. Been a while since I posted anything, and I'm mainly posting this as a reminder to myself.

Setting up Maple Mini clones (Baite logo) to run mecrisp-stellaris.

Binary from

The built-in maple bootloader and dfu-util are mostly sufficient and easy to use for uploading stuff to the maple mini, but are not sufficient for uploading mecrisp.  Mecrisp needs to load at 0x0, and thus kills the maple bootloader.  You need or similar, and upload using the ST bootloader built into the chip itself.

Setup :

- 3.3v serial port connected to rx1/tx1 (and, in my case, powering the board via vcc and gnd).
- jumper from boot1 to gnd
- hold the user button down, and power up.
- keep the user button held down, I think.  I did, anyway, but you may not need to.

You can now use as follows -p <serial-port-here> -e -w -v -a 0x08000000 usb-maplemini.bin

And that will get you mecrisp stellaris installed on the maple mini communicating over the usb port.  That's pretty fucking nifty, right there.