Friday, April 18, 2014

Resurrecting Wacom's ADB-connected Intuos Tablets

Bloody hell. This has been the work, on and off, of over a decade. An ongoing thing that I'd prod at from time to time, a "let's have a look at that sodding thing again" project. Proof, if any were needed, that I'm persistent bastard, and that once something gets under my skin, it stays there.

I've no idea what I'm gonna do now. Because it works. I currently have my (originally) adb-connected Y2k-era intuos hooked up, via USB, to my modern Mac running Mavericks.

Enough blathering.

I wouldn't have got this far if it wasn't for the work done by Bernard Poulin, both
on the waxbee project, and the help he's given me in figuring out what the
packet stream means.

The technical requirements are (apart from an ADB Intuos) identical to those for
Bernard's waxbee converter, even down to the pins used for the ADB connection on
the Teensy. There's reasons for that, most of which boil down to me "borrowing"
Bernard's ADB codec code. In any case, if you already have a Teensy wired up for
an Intuos in the vague hope someone would eventually make the damned thing work,
you're good to go. If you haven't, get one and wire it up.

What does this do?

It converts an ADB intuos tablet into the equivalent sized USB-equipped Intuos 2,
thus enabling the use of stock Wacom drivers (up to v6.20, the last version handling
Intuos 2 tablets; this may preclude being able to use the tablet on Windows Cool
on your computer.

I like the sound of that. What does it handle?

I *believe* it handles all ADB intuos tablets without any need for configuration.
It certainly handles the features of my GD-0608-A, including dual tracking, button
bar, standard pen and 4D mouse.

Sounds ace. What's the catch?

It *certainly* doesn't handle any other tools. That's because I don't have any of
them, so I can't work out how they work. Yes, that /is/ a hint. Please contact me
if you have other Intuos 1 tools you can either lend me (I'm in France) or can
hook up to an ADB intuos and dump the output.

How do I make it work?

Get yourself a Teensy 2.0 from
Wire it up :
Get yourself an AVR toolset. The rest is based on having a command line toolset and some sort of *n*x. Got a Windows? I have no idea what you do.
Get the code : git clone
Go to the 'converter' subdirectory, and type 'make'
Load the resulting intuos_converter.hex onto your teensy using pjrc's teensy loader
Unplug and replug the teensy, and you're off


  1. pas tout compris mais chapeau bas !
    je rêve de ré-utiliser ma tablette intuos A4 (gd0912)

    1. Phillippe

      Si c'est un GD-0912-A, ma projet devrait faire l'affaire. Pour GD-0912-R, voir Waxbee ( et

      Techniquement, les deux utilisent la meme carte embarquee, donc un teensy 2.0 achetee ici :

      Contactez-moi par email si vous avez besoin de plus d'infos